What happens in a session?

Lots of people have experience of horses and ponies before they visit us.  Sometimes these experiences may have been frightening and people may feel intimidated or worried at the though of being around ponies.  The ponies you will meet have been chosen carefully.  Even if you are anxious, working with a pony will give you the opportunity to overcome fear and develop confidence.


The best way to stay safe around horses is to understand how they think and behave and your facilitator will assist you with this and is there to help you to have a positive experience.  Hard hats are available if people would like to wear them.


Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual and can be arranged on days and at times to try and suit you where possible.  Sessions can be organised on a one-to-one basis or small group basis.  We will help you to plan the length and number of sessions.  We understand that everyone is different and we will do anything we can to accommodate your requirements.  


There are lots of enjoyable activities involving the horses, from approaching one in a field to grooming and leading.  You might also be able to take part in other activities such as painting, collage, taking photographs, or preparing food for the horse.  We can also offer lots of outdoor learning activities to ensure the sessions are varied and interesting. 


When you are working with the ponies you will make choices about how you ask the pony to work with you in an activity.  By noticing the choices you make, and observing the interaction between you and the pony, it is possible for you to identify personal obstacles and challenges. The horse gives you feedback without making judgements or criticising.  This makes it possible for you to modify your behaviour and test a new approach very quickly.  The observations can also be discussed with your facilitator to increase learning from the experience. 


Please see our gallery for examples of some of the activities we do during a session.