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Vegetable Patch

Well its been a busy few weeks for Dug. Dug helped to build two new planting containers to grow some veg in. Once built, Dug wanted a picture to show how they looked empty.

We lined them out with an old builders bag and cut holes in the bottom to allow water to escape so the compost won’t become too wet.

Dug helped to fill each with compost and then checked we had the swell gel, which holds onto water so plant roots can access it in the compost, and slow release fertiliser to feed the plants through the roots. Each were carefully mixed into the compost before the seeds were sown.

Seeds planted were, runner beans, peas, carrots, beetroot, cucumbers and lettuce. Each of the rows planted were labelled up with the name of the plant.

Both veg planters were watered well after the seeds were sown, and rabbit protection erected, which Dug had a good look at to check it was solid.

So we are two weeks on from when the seeds were first sown and Dug has noticed that some are already starting to grow.

He’s very excited as its the pea plants and they are one of his favourite veg.

I wonder, from the list of seeds, if you can pick which other two vegetables Dug loves to eat. Clue; one is orange in colour and the other is green and long!

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