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Life goes on at WEAL

A beautiful spring day in lockdown! It’s been a complete bonus however to be able to go down to the yard to continue to care for all of the animals.

This week the ponies have started living out 24/7 and have stopped coming into their stables at night. They have taken to this change fairly well although they still wait at the gate for their tea from about 3pm. Some routine is good and offers us stability even in times of change.

The alpacas have started their adventures again and are being let through to a different field in the day to allow their paddock to regenerate! They love this and surprisingly remember which field they will be going into and queue in an orderly fashion (normally sat down) next to the gate waiting for freedom! They have also had a toe nail trim (with a small amount of resistance) and Bob had a haircut as he was fleece blind! His crazy Bob hair was out of control! Their paddling pool also came back out today as it was warm and they like to gather around it to keep cool! It also gives Bob something to dip his legs in rather than contaminating everyone else’s drinking water!

The guinea pigs have been active and are having a party in their stable everyday judging by the mess they create!

The grass is growing madly and the spring jobs have started - weeding, plant watering, harrowing the arena! The lawn tractor thankfully also started and I had a lovely time whizzing round in circles for half an hour in the sunshine getting the arena to look level and beautiful. These kind of daily jobs remind me that despite the lockdown, and different way of living at the moment, that life is still going on and it’s good to take a moment to appreciate it! The world is turning green, the bird song is loud and there is lots of new life appearing! Despite coronavirus or in spite of coronavirus we still have lots to see and enjoy if we look for it!

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