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We are very excited about future developments for 2017. From January we are now able to offer a 5 day service (Monday to Friday) and are looking forward to offering more equine assisted learning slots so we can accommodate more learners.

We are also offering opportunities for learners in years 9-11 to attend for a full day each week. They will not only get the chance to gain valuable employability skills but also nationally accredited animal care qualifications through our connection with EAQ and OCN London. Working with a tutor 1:1 or in pairs we hope that it will be a great option for young people wanting to work as a professional in animal care and needing to obtain a vocational qualification.

We have a lots to come in 2017 so please give Heather a call if you want to refer a learner or talk to us about what you feel we could offer! 

We will see you all for a happy, productive and exciting New Year! 

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