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Jealous George

George spotted Nutmeg out for a village adventure

One beautiful sunny day Nutmeg found himself bored in the field. Snorting, Nutmeg decided to watch the other ponies. Suddenly a human friend appeared with a halter - it seemed Nutmeg was off on a village adventure.

Nutmeg was very excited. He did not like staying in the field. So off they went, through the stable yard, out of the farm gate and turned left. Immediately, there was lots of green grass to eat. "Yummy - snack stop" said Nutmeg and pulled his human friend as hard as he could so he could snaffle as much grass as he could into one very large mouthful.

Halfway through a munch of grass Nutmeg found himself nose to nose with a very grumpy George. "Yikes" though Nutmeg "he looks a bit cross". "Humph" said George. "What are you doing out there and why isn't it me?"

Suddenly not hungry - Nutmeg pulled himself and his human away from George. As they moved throught the village metal boxes on wheels went speeding past but Nutmeg just kept going. He wasn't a scaredy horse like Rosebud would be!

Hearing a nearby snort, Nutmeg rushed towards the source of the familiar noise. There, in a field by the side of the road were two very inquisitive ponies who really wanted to say hello. They looked a bit big so Nutmeg drew himself up to his full height (not quite 11 hands high!) and tried to look important! The ponies, it turned out, were quite friendly and after saying hello Nutmeg continued on his way feeling like he had made some new friends in the village.

As he walked on he found there were people who were also interested in him - asking how old he was and admiring him. He felt very happy and particularly liked all of the snack stops his human let him have.

Heading back to the yard he was very relaxed, enjoying the sunshine and his walk. Just before he arrived back at the yard he heard a familiar voice! "Uh oh" though Nutmeg. It's Jealous George again. Being quite confident now Nutmeg pulled into the gate near where George was standing and with a little satisfied smile ate some grass! George's ears went back and he gave him a glare but Nutmeg didn't care. He was out, in the sunshine, with his human, snacking on lush grass and just for a while, for once, he was going to be smug!!!

Nutmeg munches and George gets jealous!

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