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One step too many!

Today I had a Kong toy to play with! It was nice and easy for me to slobber all over my toy! My teacher needed to wear a glove..... Maybe I'm too good at slobbering? Hmmmmm. Nope!

Anyway... The big bucket was back... and so was the difficult task. The teacher said "Fetch!" ..... and I fetched her my toy. Bud did I get a lovely treat? NO. WHY NOT?

My confusion didn't last long. I'm a clever dog! The teacher shortened the distance between my toy and the big bucket.... and suddenly I knew what to do! I solved the complex riddle! Dog treats for meeeeee! YAY!

I've got some scary news to tell. I am going to a hospital! In Bristol! Bristol is a long way from home. But I want to get my leg fixed so I don't limp anymore. Life's tough for poor little me! Lots of dog wrestling will be required to cheer me up!

I love dog wrestling!

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