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Pictures for Amelia

Here are some lovely pictures of the ponies enjoying the sunshine today whilst we were out in the field this morning. We even spotted a rainbow! We had a lovely paddle in the little river running through the bottom of our field which happens after a lot of rain. George was very interested in standing in a puddle to nibble all of the grass from in it. At least this cleaned his muddy hooves. Nutmeg is no longer white today he is a definite mud monster but he was really pleased with himself! We also measured how fast the stream was running as the water was really flowing fast. We did this by using sticks and timing their journey from one place to the next. We also measured how deep the stream was using sticks and it was the deepest it has been for several months. The best bit was definitely testing out how waterproof our boots and wellies were and I am glad to say they passed the test!

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