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Maisie and the mystery bucket!

Today the awesome dog training teacher was back. We headed for the cabin in the field (with a big bag full of treats of course) for round two of spin class and a new trick to learn.

Spin class was easy! No trouble at all! I know that all I have to do is follow the teacher's hand.....And I get a treat! Then they added in the word spin - so I know what to do each time. I do love my teacher!

Then came another trick.......hmmmmmmm.........there were buckets! Not really sure what to do with buckets... But they are fun to bite! The teacher asked me to fetch the little orange bucket.. And I did! But I didn't always get the delicious treat for some reason. The problem was that I think I was supposed to do something with the little orange bucket to get the treat. But what? Total mystery!

So I decided to go random! Sometimes I dropped the little orange bucket near another green bucket, sometimes I dropped it nowhere near the green bucket and occasionally if they held the green bucket near me I actually got the orange bucket in the green bucket! Is that what I was supposed to do? This bucket stuff is reallllllyyyyyyyyy complicated!

Another dog decided to rudely interrupt my lesson..... Her name is Foxy! She took all of the attention for herself! How rude! After all of my hard work, Foxy just came in and tried to ruin everything for me!

(We are friends really but there were treats at stake here - just saying!).

I'm really exhausted after my lesson today and I need to go and dream about treats....... YUMMY!

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