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Maisie's Blog - The life of Number 1 Labrador!

Hello! My name is Maisie and I am nearly 4 years old! I am the number one Labrador. The best and most beautiful of course!

I have to work for a living! Poor me! No easy life on the sofa sleeping all day. I work at Wiltshire Equine Assisted Learning and I meet people every day for hugs! My main job is to meet, greet and get food! I'm really good at this. One day I even managed to steal a swede from the ponies - I loved that swede - tasty!

There are ponies at my work and they are big and scary. Particularly George as he is naughty. He chases me sometimes. He is not called Naughty George for nothing by people that come to my work.

It's also muddy at my work. I don't much like mud and getting my paws dirty. It's not girlie - I prefer a good old roll in fox poo!

Today I worked with someone awesome and she is definitely my number one fan. I love her! She's on a mission to teach me tricks. Today was spin class. The best bit of the the whole class was the treats and she had loads in a bag all for me. It was really fun - especially the treats......did I mention those yet? I was supposed to spin in a circle to get the treat. Well... I sat down, I laid down, I jumped....... but spinning???? I was a bit slow to catch on. The awesome one with the treats gave me a break from training. We played a new game called find the treats under the buckets. I was a bit scared to push the buckets to get to the treats but the awesome teacher really helped me and I just needed more confidence which she gave me.

The spin thing!? Well I managed the spin eventually of course. Duh! All I had to actually do was turn in a circle and hey presto - Treat! Don't know why I didn't catch on earlier!

What a day. Circles, spins, mud, treats and now my bed in the cabin to recover! Phew. See you next week!

Love Maisie


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