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Rain, Rain, Rain and Rainbows

Well it has been a soggy start to the new year with almost constant deluges of rain (apart from a glorious cold Friday). The field is a little bit underwater in parts and the January and February mudfest has started. We continue undettered, wrapped up warm and wading through in our wellies! The ponies don't seem to mind the rain at all and splash happily through the puddles and mud

George loves to spend time stood in the deepest puddles nibbling the grass from them - we presume this grass must be super tasty for some reason. Friday saw the ponies having a lovely play in the field and even Nutmeg at the grand old age of 24 leapt around with his friends like a spring lamb! Lovely to see them and we stood and watched for quite a while! Beeni decided not to take part in the madness and continued to do her own thing and eat! She definitely is not one to follow the herd!

All of the seasons bring different challenges to looking after ponies. Winter brings mud, spring brings grass that is too rich and has to be restricted, summer brings the horrible flies and autumn brings changeable weather and more rich grass. But with each season we find new things to explore with our learners and the ponies continue to delight us with their antics and different personalities. So despite the rain we can always find a rainbow!

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