E-Safety Policy  and Information 

We are an outdoor learning provision but on occasion do use the internet to do research for qualification work or to access resources to broaden our education programmes. All learners are supervised 1:1 when using the internet and there are no computers for learners to access independently. However, we are committed to keeping learners safe online and teaching them about how to keep themselves safe when using the internet both at WEAL and at home or when using personal devices.  This is part of our every day work with learners and, through teaching/posters/visible resources displayed around WEAL, we aim to highlight how to keep themselves and others safe. 

Please find below a copy of our E-Safety Policy. There is also a letter for Parents/Carers outlining the agreement we ask learners to sign if they are going to be accessing the internet during sessions. Please reinforce this with your child. 

You can also download our E-safety newsletters for parents/carers - for both primary and secondary school aged children. Keeping ahead of all of the new Apps/Games/Trends can be hard so our newsletters will help to keep you updated and give ideas about how to advise your child to keep safe online! There is also a great parent/carer help sheet about how to have some of those necessary conversations about sensitive or awkward issues which are so important when helping your child to stay safe.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or worries about any access your child may have to the internet at WEAL. Please also note that we do not give access to our Wifi at anytime.