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We hope you find the following links, resources, information pages and articles useful. If you have any links or information you would like to share that may help others then please let us know and we will add it to the page.


Links and Resources:


Facebook Page and Parent's Support Group:

For those of you on Facebook try looking up "Autism Discussion Page". This is a great resource explaining some of the issues facing children/young people and adults who are on the Autism Spectrum. It makes a lot of sense and is very insightful. We also run a monthly Parent's Support Group (Free) which is open to parents of our learners past or present. The dates are on our FB page and on our Blog!


Wiltshire Council:

It's hard to know what support is out there but this link gives a list of groups/teams/projects out there offering support for people with autism.



Wiltshire Autism Information pack:







TTS group: Educational Resources:

This website has some great resources to help learning - including communication aids, calming strategies and physical and sensory equipment. 




If you are the parent/carer of a child or young person attending sessions with us please help us by giving us some feedback by completing the survey below. Your opinions are really important to us and your feedback is really useful for us in continuing to plan our service for all our learners.



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