What is Equine Assisted Learning?


Equine assisted learning uses a process called experiential learning.  This is the way that most of us learn everyday.  It simply means having an experience and learning from that experience.  Sometimes experiential learning is “set up” using activities but the main type of experiential learning happens all the time as a direct result of taking part in everyday situations.


Here at the centre we offer opportunities to interact with our ponies and other animals. Our main focus is helping people to gain a better understanding of themselves through these interactions. They can learn how to communicate with the horse in a way that the horse can understand, and learn much more about themselves in the process. 


Working with real horses provides an opportunity to have a real experience, not a virtual one on a computer or a discussion in a classroom. By doing this and then reflecting on what we did and how the horses respond to us we are able to learn about ourselves. We can then try different approaches, and notice how the horse changes too. During this process we learn to deal with and cope with our own feelings, interpret and understand the perspective of another and increase our self awareness and self confidence and develop resilience. Whilst we do not provide traditional "counselling" or "psychotherapy" the aim of our sessions is to help people to identify, work through and move forward with issues they struggle with in their day to day lives.


There is no riding involved in Equine Assisted Learning. All activities are done on the ground. You don't need to know anything about horses to participate!

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