What to expect from Counselling 


Counselling provides a safe space for people of all ages to explore their thoughts and feelings, helping to create emotional wellbeing, regulation and healing.


I work in a Trauma-informed way, with a focus on creating an environment and relationship that is safe, compassionate and non-judgmental, allowing the client to tell their story in whatever way they choose and at their pace. This may be through talking, creative interventions, therapeutic play or through interactions with the animals and outdoors.


I am based at Stagwood Stables in Holt and in our sessions we have the option to interact with the animals here – horses, dogs, alpacas and guinea pigs – as well as our wonderful outdoor spaces and woodland. Within this, the client’s needs always remain at the heart, ensuring that they are able to operate within their comfort zone or window of tolerance.

FAQs For Parents and Guardians

If you are a parent or guardian and have some questions about our counselling sessions, please take a look at the FAQ pdf below. Feel free to get in contact with any other questions you may have.


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